Monday, August 31, 2009

The Yarnarian sagt Danke Vielmals, Marion!

Liebe Marion,

Danke vielmals! Du bist ja so talentiert!

And for the rest of you, you haven't wandered into the twilight zone of my awful German. I'm just thanking Marion for naming this wonderful pullover after me! Whoo hoo. My German is expanding to almost baby talk at this point because Marion and I chat, and mostly in German. She makes her way through my English, and I do strange things to the German language, but somehow, she understands me, and doesn't laugh. Well, I don't think she laughs, at least not on Ravelry or in her blog. I can just see her afterward, giggling with her daughter.

So, go and check out this amazing site.

Yes, I know it's all in German. But the pictures say a gazillion words. Marion is a mistress of patchwork knitting. I'm in awe of her. She is amazing. When I grow up, I want to be just like her. Marion, kanst du diese ganze Diskussion verstehen?
I have to resort to an online German/English dictionary, and then select what I think is the proper word for me to use. Lord knows what I'm actually writing. Oh, and those of you who think I should be using "Sie" instead of "du", I'm told by elder DD, who is fluent in German, that only old people use Sie. It's apparently considered quite old-fashioned. And when I attempt to make my way through various German postings and blogs, indeed they use du. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, well, then you don't much care about sie and du.

I just did some dyeing. I started out with the idea of neutrals, but the neutrals were having none of it. So, sort of neutrally colorways, or at least not the brights of the past couple of weeks. I did dye up 2 skeins of an 8 yard skein and used blues, orchids, purples, and greens. Not neutral, but not hot colors. The skein is enormous. NO pics, because everybody is cooking.

If you notice on the right side of the blog, there is a little knit-meter, which I update as often as I can. Well, I need a new knit-meter, one that measures how much I've frogged. I swear I knit some projects 5 times. I did finish a pair of socks, and it's now being tested for accuracy, and no dopey mistakes. And of course, I started another pair. My sock mojo is back! whoo hoo, or as Marion would say: huhu!

We saw the Brooklyn kids and grands on Saturday. The Benster had his curls all cut off, poor Grammie. I loved his curls, but his freckles are still on his nose, and he is a pistol. What a character, and so cute! What can I say about Little Lily? She's 6 months old and adorable. Just about ready to crawl, although she tends to swim backwards. What a cute age. And of course, the parents are wonderful. We have very nice children.

Gotta go and remove the skeins from the steamer. Yarn tomorrow, I hope.

Oh, and guess what? I went to the gym this morning. Yay, mighty and powerful me.

Alison - being a Grammie is the best thing in the whole wide universe, even better than chocolate or potato chips!

Marion - Lachst du mit meine deutsche Sprache? Meine Grammatik is schrechlich. Ich glaube dass ich ganz lustig bin. Oder etwas so.


AlisonH said...

What gorgeous sweaters over there!

And what beautiful dyeing you do.

Can't wait till I get to be a grandma...

Marion`s Patchwork stricken und mehr said...

Liebe Ruth,

boah boah boah!!! So liebe Worte habe ich noch nie bekommen!! Vielen herzlichen Dank!!! Ich bin rot wie eine Kirsche!!

Viele liebe Grüße

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