Monday, September 21, 2020

And yet another pair of basketweave socks.

 You'd think I'd be tired of this pattern after making a gazillion socks from it, but, nope.  It is perfect for any variegated sock yarn out there.  It makes a lovely and mindless sweater, too.

So here's the latest pair.  Yarn by Earth and Empress, colorway - Blackberry Mist.


Lot's of knitting and quilting stuff in progress, but nothing near being finished.

Here's my annual Jewish High Holidays' bread.  It's a very old recipe that both my grandmas made. Mama was born around 1875, and Zinn Grandma around 1885.  Mama was from some little town in Hungary, but she and Grandpa moved at some point to Vienna, where my father was born.  Zinn Grandma came from Szalard, Romania, but it was Hungary when she was born, and only became part of Romania after WWI.  So, 2 different grandmas from 2 different places but with the same recipe.  I'm guessing that their moms made it too.  It's easily 125 years old.  I made some small changes; nobody needs a stick of butter in the dough, but it tastes like when they made it.

So, here is Tejes Kolacs.

Monday, September 14, 2020

More blocks

4 more blocks for B's quilt.  I must be the slowest quilting in the country.  Takes me forever, not that I'm in a hurry.  The best part of quilting is picking out what fabrics go next to each other.  That's what takes me so long.

Knitting?  Same old stuff. 

Friday, September 11, 2020

Moving along

 I've decided that Sept is now the beginning of the year.  I have no idea why, but possibly because the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) is in Sept this year.  At any rate, the cooler temps feel like a beginning.  My goals this year are to make 12 pairs of socks (for me and for the little kid), at least 6 sweaters, again for me, TLK, and his mom.  Miss P is good with socks and sweaters, DD1 doesn't need any, and the Hubz will wear my socks for sleeping socks, but is not apt to wear a sweater of mine.

So, on the needles is sock #1.  Basketweave pattern, which is my go-to lazy pattern.  My usual 56 st sock, but the pattern is a multiple of 8, so can easily be made in larger sizes.Yarn by EarthAndEmpress.

Sweater.  Ah well.  Remember the raglan from the previous post?  Turns out that I accidentally used the wrong needle.  I was working on a #5, and just grabbed it.  My #5 and #6 needles are pretty similar in color.  It was, of course, too small.  Frogged it, changed my mind to making another top-down raglan, but with a different neckline.  And I'm making stripes.  I think it will be very cute.  Yes, this scrimmage of stitches on a 24" needle looks too small.  It's not.  I tried it on, and anyhow, I always smoosh lots of stitches on a 24" needle.

Yarn is Spearmint in KnitPicks Palette.  The pink and white are some leftovers.  Size 6 needle, and should measure approx 38" in circumference when done.  

Quilting:  TLK, aka the little kid, has been asking for another quilt.  He has his baby quilt, now used as a sitting mat on top of a bench, and his I Spy quilt, which is someplace or other. He's growing, and could use a larger quilt.   At any rate, a grand wants a quilt, a grand gets a quilt.  He likes brights and I started this new log cabin with turqs and peaches and such.  Very little very light colors, which is good, since he'll schlep it around all over the place and his mom doesn't want to spend her life washing it.  So, here are a few new blocks.

I'm also binding a quilt that I finished way back when.  I'll post pics when it's sewn and crinkled.

This is all keeping me happily busy. 

Very interesting article on a quilting response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  Worth reading!

Sunday, September 6, 2020

What's new?

 3 projects, 2 knitting,and 1 quilting.

Yet another basketweave sock, this one in a lovely colorway by a brand-new dyer, Earth and Empress.The colorway is Blackberry Mist, and I believe that there is one skein of it left.

Remember the raglan craze I've been on?  This is the third in the series.  Bottom up, with that cute little rib I showed in the previous post.  The yarn is Palette by Knit Picks, and the color is spearmint.  After this raglan, if I can stand yet another one, the next one will be top down with a different neckline and with stripes.  I think.  Who knows?  

On the sewing machine is yet another log cabin, with colors in turquoise and orange or variations thereof.  8" blocks, so a total of 64.  I have 8 done.  The youngest grand has asked me a few times for a new quilt, and he's mentioned it to his mother, too.  So who am I not to make him one?  If he likes this, he'll get it. If not, then we'll figure something else out.

Friday, September 4, 2020

And here we go again.

 This is like deja vu:  I keep making it over and over again.  Yet another Vanilla Sweater.  This one is made from Rauma Finullgarn, which is very woolly and bouncy. Color is 466, and I did buy it at the Woolly Thistle.  Bought 6 skeins, but used 4.5.  Next time, I'll just buy 5 skeins.

Again, long sleeves and I dropped the neckline a tiny bit.  It's 40" around and roomy.  I'll use this yarn again, but make it at 38" in circumference and probably bottom up so that I can make a nicer neckline.  It comes in the most beautiful colors imaginable.

And, because I can't help it, here's a cute little rib on the next Vanilla Sweater, done bottom up.  Endless miles of stockinette, which, for some reason, appeals to me at the moment.  Usually it bores me to tears, but not now.  I might as well take advantage of this, and make as many raglans as I can. This is Palette in Spearment.  Soft and delicious!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Knot a Garden

 It's sort of a knot garden, but it isn't actually a garden, so it's Knot a Garden.

I love this quilt.  I started off with the idea of making the entire quilt with hourglass blocks.  Then I sewed some of them together and decided that life was too short to do this nonstop.  So that's why the blocks are bordered with a grassy kind of fabric.

And here's the back!  I fell in love with this fabric the moment I saw it, and now it's going into just about every quilt where it will fit.

Monday, August 31, 2020

What is this?


Can you guess?


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