Friday, December 28, 2007

Little known historical info on yarnarians

A Benster story: almost 2 year old Ben got all excited when the Chanukah candles were lit. He sang "Happy Chanukah to You" as in the Happy Birthday song. And then he blew the candles out. He is so cute.

Hubbo idea: "little known historical info on yarnarians. The first one was Hadrian's wife, Pompeia Plotina also known as Hadrian's yarnarian. She coined the phrase "veni vidi kniti" loosely translated meaning "I came, I saw, I knitted" She found some roman activities boring and was knitting a toga for winter in Gaul." I had nothing to do with this; this all comes from his fertile mischievious mind! He also thinks we need a theme song for the sock club.

I dyed 4 yarns today. They are tentatively called: The Blues; 42nd Street; Peachy Greens; and one maybe for the sock club. They're drying as I type. I'll post pics of the first three tomorrow am if I have time. We have to go to a funeral in Brooklyn, and may go out to the cemetery on Long Island. That's a long day's activity, so I don't know if I can get the yarns posted. They will appear sooner or later.

I was sort of discombobulated today. It took me twice the usual amount of time to get anything done. Do you ever have days like that? This whole week has been weird. Maybe it's because of the holiday. My Honey feels loggy too. It's sort of like going through the day in slow motion. I think it's the confusion of routine issue.

Holly, Hubbo has added the following story:

There was a famous Swedish/Viking yarnarian called Erica the Blue. She lived in the Swedish town of Gutknitten. She raised Blue Leister sheep and knitted blue leggings for the vikings using the tunic stitch.

She was also an expert in the Viking form of haiku called Hachoo (because it was always cold there). her most famous one has been translated as follows:
"The blue vikings came by ze boat,
they killed ze chickens and stole ze goat."

Ya see what I have to live with. Lunacy in its purest form!

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Holly said...

Oh, I like that!

Ask him to make sure tho - I think that there must have been some yarnarians in Skandinavia or Ireland. All that cold weather and sheep....


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