Friday, August 27, 2010

One-skein Crochet Scarf

Pinks Ripple Scarf

Sometimes you don't want to do an entire afghan or blankie when you crochet. It takes forever, you need lots of yarn, you like to actually finish a project in less than 6 months. Whatever the reason, one of the nicest ways to play with crochet is to make a one-skein crochet scarf. I make mine with a skein of sock yarn. I use a larger hook than usual so that the scarf drapes and is not a solid piece of work. You can figure out what size hook to use while you are learning the pattern. Easy peasy, and then you too can get "hooked" on crochet scarves.

This scarf is a basic ripple pattern. I wrote it up on a previous post, but now I've included some pics of the dc2tog stitch. Try it out the next time you have a pretty skein and just want to do something different other than socks.

Here are instructions again for how to do this pattern. Once you get the hang of the dc2tog, it's mindlessly easy and pleasant to do.

I'm using this very basic crochet pattern also in my Linus Blankie project, and that's where I've done my photography.

Here's how you do the standard ripple pattern:

1. Chain a multiple of 12 + 3. If you crochet tightly, go up a hook size for that first row.

2. 1 DC into 4th chain from hook.
*1 DC into next of 3 chains, [DC 2tog] twice, 1 DC into each of next 3 chains, 2 DC into each of next 2 chains* Repeat from *, ending last repeat with 2 DC into last ch. Turn.

3. Ch 3, 1 DC into same st. * 1 DC into each of next 3 DC, [DC 2tog]twice, 1 DC into each of next 3 DC, 2 DC into each of next 2 DC*. Repeat from *, ending last repeat with 2 DC into either the ch 3 loop or into the third ch of that loop. Turn.

That's the entire pattern. I have to admit that I do cheat and do that last 2 DC into the chain 3 loop from the previous row. I can't see that it makes any difference, at least in this pattern.

I used a skein of New Bambi with a size 4 hook, and I got a very drapey fabric. You don't want to construct a wall here; you want the thing to be a bit flow-y, so that it will drape around your neck. 3 or 4 repeats of the pattern will do it for a scarf.

Here's the blankie right after I've increased in the top 2 stitches: you just dc in each stitch twice.

Now here's the decrease:

In words: Begin the basic dc stitch, but don't complete it. You will have 2 sts on the hook. Then do another incomplete dc through the next stitch, you'll have 3 loops on the needle. yo, and pull through those 3 loops. Ta da: One stitch made out of 2 stitches. This is so much easier to do than to write. Play around with it, and you'll get it pretty quickly.

I hope that helps. I'm not a natural crocheter; knitting comes so easily to me, but I have to work hard at crochet. Once I get it, though, it's so pleasant to do. I tend to frog a lot until it comes out right, but then I can happily motor along.

Yarn ideas for this very basic ripple pattern: worsted wt. yarn with a large hook will make a chunky scarf. DK will obviously be less bulky. I love fingering or sock yarn because the scarf can be tied or draped or whatever, and since I'm a small person, I don't look ridiculous in it.

Crochet uses up considerably more yarn than knitting, but you can make a scarf out of 350-400 yards easily. I use a size 4 hook because I want drape. If you find that you have a board rather than a lovely piece of fabric, go up a hook size or 2.

If you use variegated yarn, as I'm very fond of, play around with it. Sometimes it is just too much variation for the pattern, other times it takes on a water color feel to it. And if you don't like it, frog it, and make socks. You really can't go wrong here.

More crochet scarf patterns coming up as I go along. And no, I haven't stopped knitting, just this is brainless work, and you know that I like mindless repetition with a bit of interest. The interest in this scarf is that dc2tog: I just love doing it!

Scrabblequeen - I'm glad you can figure it out. Crochet is always a learning experience for me even though I've been doing it a lot longer than knitting.


Scrabblequeen said...

Thank you! I've been waiting hopefully....and bemoaning that I could only figure out the ripple that used single crochet...which goes soooo much slower.

Anonymous said...

Just thought you should know that your "double crochet two together" is known as a half double crochet. :)

Blogger said...

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Win McCann said...

My friend made this and I decided to copy it. We make shawls for needy seniors.
Win McCann, The Woodlands, TX


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