Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Chisel quilt

 I was inspired by a quilt I saw online .  I have the die from Accuquilt, so decided to try this pattern.  So easy and fun to do.  One, just one, shape.  That's it.  Here are some pictures of it in progress:

Notice the wonky sewing.  Yep, that's how I sew.  I've tried every trick or foot in the book to sew a straight line.  Nope, it doesn't work.  And I don't press very well, either.  BUT, I can fudge very well.  And after it's all assembled, quilted and bound, then it gets a good machine wash and dry and crinkles, and all my mistakes vanish miraculously.  Trust me.

Fabric:  assorted stuff from all over the place.  The whites are leftovers from other quilts, backings and such.


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