Friday, August 23, 2013

Just off the needles.

Aleh Shawl:  2 sizes in 2 different yarns.

First is a little shawlette, more like a scarf or fichu.  Knit in Lyric yarn, which is this amazing singles fingering wt yarn.  Singles can be a pain to knit with, but not this one.  This one just knits up so easily.

Here it is in Lili Lace, which is a slightly heavier lace-weight yarn. Considerably skinnier than Lyric, but not as skinny as "regular" lace, and much easier to knit up.

I had so much fun doing these.  The border is a very easy leaf pattern, and the ground is a tiny leaf pattern, also.  A bit more work than garter or stockinette, but very much worth the extra effort.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Hubz' Shirt Quilt is finished!

I did it.  I actually finished a large-ish (for me) quilt!  I started this way back when, and then put it aside, and then went back to it.  And now it's done.  Quilted, bound, and washed and crinkled. 

Here's the beginning of it.  Strips sewn together and then trimmed.  Mindlessly soothing and so easy, and given that I cannot match points very well, not stressful at all.

Chugging along with it.


Why didn't anyone tell me how much fun this could be?  Even my crummy hand quilting was fun.  The part I liked the most?  Sewing the squares.  I can do this forever.  The part I liked least?  Sewing the squares together.  It's called "Fear of not getting points to match", but I'm content enough with the final results. 


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