Thursday, November 26, 2020

And here's what the crumb looks like


The crust is the outside of the bread; the crumb is the inside.  Look at those lovely holes!  And the texture is great.  This is so not like my normal loaf of bread.  Same ingredients:  flour, water, salt, yeast, but different proportions.  The no-knead loaf is pretty wet, and that's what gives the crumb those holes.  The taste is different, too. I like both my breads, the normal one, and the no-knead one.  I can see a bread like this with soup or stew.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

No-knead bread in the Dutch oven

 What can I say?  Here it is, the second attempt at a no-knead bread baked in my Dutch oven.  I've made many no-knead breads in the past, and then forgot about the technique.  Saw Jim Lahey make his version of a no-knead, and thought I'd play with it again.  First dough was way too liquid, so I tightened this dough up a bit and here it is.  It's too hot for me to cut, but I'm looking forward to it.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Kid knits

 A sweater and a pair of socks for the Kid.  Knitting for someone 1500 miles away is always shaky.  I need to try thing on and he's not here.  So if there's a problem, the sweater will have to come back and I'll make adjustments.  I have the feeling that it will be too short in the body as well as the sleeves.  He's growing and may have gotten taller since I got these measurements.

Knitted in KnitPicks Brava Sport, which is my favorite acrylic yarn. Wears and washes like iron, and mom doesn't have to treat it delicately. 

And a pair of Kid socks.  Yes, they will fit.  They are scrunched up because I've used a k2,p2 rib and that compresses until you put on the socks.  Then they fit.  He has skinny legs.  I tried them on and if I can wear them, so can he.

These are helix socks, knitted with 3 different sock yarns.  The green and yellow are solid yarns, and the variegated one is from a pair of socks I made for me.  I love making these, but they are fiddly and take time.  Still, fun to wear and a good use of leftover yarns.  And, of course, I now have leftovers of the leftovers.  Sock yarn, like quilting cotton, never seems to go away.

Here's a closeup of the socks.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

What's this?

 What could it be?  Hmmm.

Let's open it.

That looks like fun.  Oh, look!  Something delicious is next to it!

Well, look at that!  A stunning new yarn from my favorite yarn dyer, Earth and Empress!  And it's called Pumpkin Patch!

And if you think this is pretty, take a look at this one.  I didn't buy it yet because I have enough yarn to stock a shop, but my resistance is weakening. Lavender Earl Grey!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A little bit of patchwork

 2 more blocks today.  I'm the world's slowest quilter because I don't sew assembly-line style.  I like to choose my fabrics as I go along.  It's the best part of the process.  Speed?  Meh.  Pretty?  Yep.

They do look wonky, and probably are, but when assembled, quilted, and washed and crinkled, they will look just fine.  I think I'm the Wonky Quiltarian.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Socks #2

 Second pair of socks finished since Sept. 1.  The goal is to make 12 pairs of socks from 9/1/2020 - 9/1/2021.  I believe I will succeed.  This pair is for the Little Kid.  56 sts on size 0 (2mm) needles.  The next pair for him will be done on 2.25mm needles. The skinny minny needles hurt my hands. Yarn is from Opal.  

Next pair for him will be helix socks using 3 yarns.  I'll post when I have a decent amount knitted.

Quilting.  Yes it's still going on, but slowly.  I'm obsessed by the knitting.  Here are 2 recent blocks.  This log cabin quilt will be for  TLK (the little kid), since he's asked for one for months now.

Friday, October 9, 2020

My cute little green raglan


I finished her a few days ago, and washed and blocked her.  Isn't this a cute raglan?  Palette yarn from Knit Picks.  The green is spearmint and I don't remember what the pink and white are.  But all Palette.

Size 6 needle because I wanted a loose drape.  About 5 skeins of the green and a smidgen of the others.  Approx 38" around.

Because it's so loosely knitted, it feels like a gentle cloud on my body.  It's a perfect sweater for the chilly weather this time of year.  This is not a winter sweater.  Brrrr.

What am I working on:  a pair of socks for the Little Kid, plus a sweater for him, also.  No raglans, alas.  He doesn't like how the neckline feels in them. So all sweaters will be bottom up with sleeves worked top-down.  Pictures coming eventually.

Quilting?  What's that?


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