Thursday, February 15, 2018

A yoke in progress

About 12 more rounds and the yoke is done.  I haven't tried it on yet (what fits me in the yoke, will fit DD#2), but I'm liking it so far.  So much easier than working a yoke sweater bottom up!

And that's all I have to report.  Quilting is sleeping, EPP is slowly in progress.  All I want to do right now is knit. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Another finished!

One cute little quilt in the exploding block pattern.

This is a smallish lap quilt, which is perfect for me.  I don't use quilts as my primary bed covers; it's way too cold here in winter.  For warmth, I use a heavy down comforter, but I love a lap quilt on top, and when it's really cold at night, that bit of warmth and weight from the quilt makes me very cozy.  The Hubz, on the other hand, is rarely cold, and never wants the quilt on top of him. 

Colors in this quilt are unusual for me.  I like brights, and never use reproduction fabrics, but I collected some layer cakes in these colorways a couple of years ago, and decided to use them.  I rather like them. 

In the knitting sphere, I've begun the Birkin sweater for DD#2.  In all my decades of knitting, I've never done a top-down yoke sweater, but after knitting that Afmaeli twice, I decided that I wanted very little weight on my hands when I did the yoke, so top-down it is.  I'm quite capable of figuring out my own yoke pattern, but sometimes it's just easier to use someone-else's design. 

When you knit a yoke bottom up, you have the body and the sleeves all joined together on one needle, and it's like knitting an elephant or two.  Really hard on my hands.  But this little yoke is delightful - no weight, just pleasant knitting.

Yarn in KnitPicks Palette, the same one as the previous DD#2 sweater.  She likes the light weight, and it's very nice on my fingers.  Good yarn.  A lot of folks pooh-pooh Knit Picks yarn, but I knit so much and so quickly that spending $100-200 on sweater yarn is ridiculous.  I like their basics:  Palette, SOTA sport and worsted very much.  Good sturdy yarn with a nice hand.  No, not as soft as merino, but not itchy either.  And they wear like iron.

Friday, February 9, 2018


An Afmaeli sweater for Miss P. 

Yarn is Knitpicks WOTA in worsted weight.  Main color is Opal, which turned out better than I thought it would.  Miss P picked it out, and wanted Indigo and Amethyst plus whatever I wanted to add.

Lost of other projects in process, none of which are ready for photography.


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