Thursday, June 29, 2017

She quilts; she knits

And in between I bake bread and an occasional cake.  Cleaning?  Hah!  Cooking?  Only enough to survive.  Gimme yarn.  Gimme fabric.

Yarn is merino twin by Wollelfe, an amazing Austrian dyer.  She's on vacation at the moment, which is very good for my pocketbook.  875 yards of soft merino, fingering weight.

The pattern is Illumine, and you can find it on Ravelry, of course.  However did we knitters manage before Ravelry?  I'm number 1702, and the current number of members is 7,178,950!!!!! 

Also working on two mystery KALs (knit-alongs), so no pics until I'm finished.  But I can tell you that they are fun to do.

EPP continues slowly but surely.  2 more blocks and one more added to the quilt.

And 3 hibiscus flowers are blooming.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Whirling along

Whirligig is slowly growing.  This is not quick work, but then I like the slow pace.  I can do it anywhere and I'm enjoying sewing on my deck.

And a few more connected.

And a photo of my latest hibiscus flower.  Such a pretty plant, and so far, I haven't managed to kill it.

Friday, June 23, 2017

EPP is back

 Finally.  I pretty much stopped doing English paper piecing in March, when Sock Madness began.  And then the shawl obsession started (and hasn't stopped), and my poor Whirligig quilt was set aside.  But now I have time.  Working on 2 mystery KALs (knit-alongs) and have finished my clues, so just waiting for the next ones to come out.  I don't want to start another knitting project, and then I remembered my EPP quilt.  I forgot how much fun it is to do these little blocks.

I'm on my fourth row and have enough blocks for almost 3 more rows.  It's a very nice change from knitting lace.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Shawls all over the place

Shawls!  Lace shawls!  I'm obsessed with them at the moment.  I just can't get enough knitting time with them.  Here are 3 new ones (click on them to see the details):

Each to Each.  This is the final shawl, all finished and worn once (way back when the temps wouldn't get out of the 50's)  I posted about this last time.  I love the beads, but they do make the thing considerably heavier. 

Waiting for Rain.  I used KnitPicks Stroll, which I find too mooshy for good stitch definition on socks, but it's so cuddly that it makes a great shawl.

Loftus.  Like wearing a feather.  It helps that I knitted on size 7 needles with lace weight yarn.  I do love this.

I also have 2 mystery shawls on the needles, and plans for at least 4 more.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with all these things, but it's such fun to make them.


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