Monday, September 26, 2016

Dresden plates

are such fun to do.  I made my first one a number of years ago as a doll quilt for Miss P.

This was back in 2011.  Miss P is now a freshman in high school and needless to say, doesn't play with American Girl dolls any more.  But I still play with Dresden plates.

Ignore the oval openings in the center; they are really round.  and the blocks are on the back of a couch in my sewing chamber, hence the bit of a backward curve.

I'd forgotten just how much fun they are to do.  The plan is for a 4x4 quilt with a border or two.  My usual lap quilt.  I think the centers will be white and also the background.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

My autumnal log cabin

is finished!  Yay!  I made quite a while ago, and just finished it today.  It's my usual lap quilt.  I love to cuddle under lap quilts and never make bed quilts.  I get too bored to do that last row that would turn a lap into a bed quilt.

Next to string quilts, log cabins are my favorite kinds of quilts.  They are perfect for folks like me who argue with points matching.


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