Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Good grief!

I haven't posted in over 3 months.  No good reason why, just haven't done it.

Bonnie Hunter has a new leader/ender project, and given that I have a lot of 2.5" strips of leftovers, I decided to do a cute tumbler quilt.  This is just the beginning; I have about 8 more rows to add, but it goes very quickly.  I did a bunch all by themselves and not as leader/enders just because I wanted to start this.  Now I'm using the tumblers as l/e.  This is such mindless delicious fun.  I think I may make some placemats with them, too.  About 1300 tumblers later, and I haven't made even a dent in the leftover scraps.  I can see this as many projects forever. Pics photographed on my bed, so that's why they're wavy.


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