Thursday, June 30, 2016

Last of this spring's socks

That's it.  I'm done, at least for the time being.  This is the last sock I've designed,  and other than helix socks for Miss P, I'm socked-out for a while.


Mostly lace with a little bit of cables.  Fun and pretty easy to do.  Sweaters, here I come!

Monday, June 20, 2016


Emma is a split lace pattern with my favorite little fake cable in the middle.  The yarn is PennyRose Rachel (400 yards, 100 g, 100% SW merino).  Size 2.25mm circular needles, 56 st pattern. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Still on a sock binge

I can't help it; I finish a pair of socks and then chart out another pair.  So here's the latest, which I gifted to a friend.

Tutti Frutti

Cute little lace pattern which is very easy.  I like knitting lace and I love playing with 3-5 stitch small patterns, and then and combining the patterns.  Holds your interest while you knit, but fairly mindless.

By the way, On the Wing is now available for free on Ravelry.

Friday, June 3, 2016


I'm out of the Sock Madness competition, but it's fine with me.  There are times when you know that knitting a particular pattern will destroy your cranky hands and round 5 was the case.  So, not competing, but boy, am I knitting socks.  I'm happily designing and knitting away.  That's what happens to me after Sock Madness:  I want to design and make socks.  And of course, these will fit my small, narrow foot.  But it's the Madness that inspires me to get off my tush with my boring, same-pattern, basketweave socks and make something new.  So here's what's done.

This one is called Undulate because of the way the fake cables move left and right.  Yarn is KnitPicks Stroll (I think it might be an old yarn because I can't find it on their website).  Size 2.25mm needles.

This one is On the Wing because I sort of see flying geese on the front and back of the leg and little winged bugs on the side.  I have a good imagination.  Yarn is PennyRose Rachel, which I dyed.  100% superwash merino/ 100g/400 yards.  Size 2.25 needles.

I dyed and sold yarn for about 6 years and then retired from that a couple of years ago.  Still have a nice supply of yarn, so I can dye just about all my sock yarn if I wish.


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