Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Another rosette

Here's the 4th rosette from

Monday, May 2, 2016

Sock Madness - Round 4

Finished!  Sweet Nuttins is a lovely pattern by Adrienne Fong (aka Bellybutton Knits).  Cables, lace, beads, cute little ruffle, pattern on gusset and heel and toe.  Oh, my!  A neat challenge and pretty socks as my reward.  Click on the pics to see the beads!

If you like to knit socks, and want to learn new techniques and make unusual socks, Sock Madness on Ravelry is the place to go.  You'll have to wait until next Feb. to sign up for 2017, but it is such fun.  I'm speedy, but not nearly as fast as some of the knitters.  That's fine with me.  Teams are set up with the knitter's ability to zoom in mind. So this year we have 16 teams, ranging from very slow to beyond fast.  I'm somewhere in the middle, where I belong. 


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