Thursday, June 22, 2017

Shawls all over the place

Shawls!  Lace shawls!  I'm obsessed with them at the moment.  I just can't get enough knitting time with them.  Here are 3 new ones (click on them to see the details):

Each to Each.  This is the final shawl, all finished and worn once (way back when the temps wouldn't get out of the 50's)  I posted about this last time.  I love the beads, but they do make the thing considerably heavier. 

Waiting for Rain.  I used KnitPicks Stroll, which I find too mooshy for good stitch definition on socks, but it's so cuddly that it makes a great shawl.

Loftus.  Like wearing a feather.  It helps that I knitted on size 7 needles with lace weight yarn.  I do love this.

I also have 2 mystery shawls on the needles, and plans for at least 4 more.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with all these things, but it's such fun to make them.

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