Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Cardigan Continues!

I've not been idle the last few days. I've been busily working on my sweater, and yesterday I joined the fronts and back together. So, now it's smooth sailing: finish the body; pick up and knit the sleeves down; do the neckline.

I have to admit that the part I hate in sweater knitting is the part I just finished. Working the back and the fronts separately drives me nuts. All those strands of yarn always in the wrong place and also twisting with each other. Blech. This cardi is top-down, but going bottom up would still make me do the bodice. There's just no help for it; it's got to be done. So I did it, and now I'm going to happily motor along.

I decided to do a self edging on the fronts: k1, p1 ribbing. Easy, and it's finished off. No buttonholes. I don't like working buttonholes. The underarm stitches are also in k1, p1 ribbing. I'm not shaping the sweater; I'm not that crazy to do it in lace, so the ribbing will take care of the body shaping. It'll pull the garment in a bit on the sides, and that's how I'm shaping it.
Here's the back: and the next pic is the front.

I'm looking forward to many hours of pleasant no-shaping knitting.

New colorways for PennyRose Yarns!

Yesterday's moment in the dyeing dungeon.  I seem to have been in a tropical mode here.  I"m so ready for spring!

 In order, they are:  Honeysuckle, Almond, Peony, Azure, Beach Glass, and Lime

The Hubbo and I have been working on the PennyRose Yarns site. It's complex to set up buy now buttons and shopping carts and such.  He's making me focus on what is actually feasible, and not what I think is a great idea. I tend to get grandiose, so he's giving me a reality check. I'd like to open early March if possible.
What I can tell you is that these are all base colors and can be ordered in multiples, since I will dye to order.  So stay tuned.  PennyRose Yarns is coming.

Scrabblequeen - I only have an inch done below the armhole, and I did try it on, but can't tell about the side fit yet.  But, given that rib pulls in, the side ribs should give the garment some shaping. 

pendie - I really love that combination.  It needs a soft yellow perhaps.  I should do parrots and such.  They have the best colors.


pendie said...

LOVE THE SWEATER; guess that's all I'd better say before I get into trouble again! The spring colors on your yarn are gorgeous and very cheery; in fact they look great together for a striped something or other.

Scrabblequeen said...

Love the new colors! I need to SEE the sweater with under-arm ribbing for 'shape'....not seen before and it sounds like I need to now of this before next sweater, as that is the one area on my last sweater I am not happy with...


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