Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Light and Dark Lace Club - October is here

It's time to sign up for the October shipment of the Light and Dark Lace Club!  This month, we're using real lace yarn as a change from the fingering yarns we've been knitting.  Here are the colorways:

In order from left to right:  Hot Chocolate, Woods Edge, Moody Blues, Bodacious, Roasted Pepper, and Toffee.

The yarn is Lili Lace yarn.  100% SW merino, 2 ply and slightly heavier than regular lace yarn.  850+ yards of lacy goodness.  It knits up so beautifully, you get all these lovely lacy holes, and it's a joy to work with.  Because it's superwash, it loves dye.  Hand wash even though it's superwash.

If you are new to lace weight yarn, this is a great way to get your feet wet.  If you are an old hand at lace, you'll love this weight.

The mystery pattern is called Arachne's Delight, and it's as airy as can be.  Three lovely patterns, the first one being rather sneaky.  A less sneaky pattern for the second one, and the border (aka the NEB - the never-ending border) is such fun to work.

Price for the package is $35 + shipping.  I mail out first class, both domestic and international.  I have a lot of yarn, so you can purchase whatever you wish.  If you buy more than one skein, I'll refund you the extra pattern cost.

Questions?  Ask me here or in our Ravelry Group:

Where to purchase?

Do the Day - Steam is my best friend! Got a pic?

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Do the Day said...

So sorry I missed this post! The greens and blues always intrigue me! I've been busy caring for Mom, but I did have a little time to work up the Eleanor Cowl. I am ashamed to admit that I used a Red Heart yarn, but, after a bit of Steam blocking it turned out gorgeous!


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