Monday, November 12, 2012

Rose Trellis

Rose Trellis is all English paper pieced (and even so, some of my points are not totally together.  sigh).  I have enough fabric to do another set of blocks all around this, so 10 more blocks.  It should be about 48" when done. 

Now the trick is knowing how to work the edges so that I can quilt it.  I haven't figured out this part of EPP at all, and can't seem to find anything on it either in my books or on the web.  Any EPP people know the answer?

Tree news:  It's gone.  The scent of pine is everywhere on my front lawn.  I love it.  Now we're waiting for the insurance company to get its act together and get this going. We have a tarp covering the affected roof area, so we're safe from rain, etc.

Train news:  It might be up and running with limited service.  I swear I heard a train whistle last night.  It'll be great to go into New York again.  We won't drive; it's a colossal pain in the neck, and not relaxing at all.  So much happiness that the trains will be running soon, if not now. Whoo hoo!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

sooooooo pretty. did you get the papers as a kit or you made them yourself? I have 2 batiks to make a hunter star for my bed. I bought an expensive ruler to make it "easier" so I better not switch to EPP but it is enticing!


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