Monday, January 28, 2013

Design table Monday

Card Tricks!

I think this is such a neat block.  I've always loved how the cards fold into each other.  But, I think I like the first variation even more, the one with the solid middle.  At any rate, here are some ideas on how to join these together.  I'm planning on making more of each type.

Which arrangement do you like more?

I have plenty of fabric and won't join everybody together until all the blocks are made. 

I could alternate solid center blocks with the other blocks.  What do you think?


Sarah said...

Too each their own as I like the 4 fabric center better! I think alternating them will be great. Choosing color combos? I plead the 5th 'cuz they all look great!

Diane Wagner said...

I like your blocks. Card trick is a favorite of mine, even though I haven't used any in my quilts yet. I've never seen the alternate block before. I think you should use it.


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