Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Knitting and EPP

Between the knitting and the English paper piecing and the walking, I seem to be very busy.  Our youngest grand, Benjamin, just turned 3, and I've made a sweater for him.  He's at that little boy stage of loving any form of transportation, especially cars and trucks.

KnitPicks Brava sport yarn because his mom wants easy care.  My gauge is close to 6 sts/inch, so it's nice and solid.  No way will it be as warm as wool, but then what busy working mom of a  middle schooler and a toddler has the time to deal with even superwash wool.  It took me 6 days from the beginning of the design process to the finish.

On the EPP front, I finished Rosette #3 from the New Hexagon-Millefiori quilt. It looks unfinished because it will join up with other rosettes.


Sarah said...

LOVE those hexie colors!! Your rosette looks great. And I'm impressed -- 6 days to design and knit that adorable sweater!

Jennifer said...

Your knitting is beautiful as is your EPP.


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