Friday, April 15, 2016

My take on Slip Stripe Spiral

Slip Stripe Spiral was this year's qualifying sock for Sock Madness.  I didn't try to get gauge since I knew they would be much too big on me.  And indeed they were, and they fit the Hubz perfectly.

I just loved the techniques, and had enough leftover yarn to make me a pair.  The original pair was knit toe up, with a Sweet Tomato Heel and on 64 stitches.

I decided to re-engineer the pattern to fit my small narrow feet and legs.  So, a 56 stitch sock, knit top down with the usual heel and toe.

I love them to pieces!  Now I want to explore slip stitch colorwork patterns for socks.  I've done this technique many times before, but always for sweaters.  So this should be a lot of fun.


Ramona said...

What fun socks! Love the design and yarn.

Dar said...

Those look difficult but fun. How nice that you and your hubby can share the same yarn and style. Now you need to make matching hats or sweaters too. I'm not sure I could get my DH to wear any colored socks other than black, white or brown! He's not very adventurous. Love the pattern and yarns.


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