Monday, March 12, 2018


What with Sock Madness, 2 snowstorms, and various projects, I've been very busy.  Not posting much since what is there to look at when you're knitting the sleeves of a yoke sweater. 

Sock Madness:  finished the qualifying pair of socks.  As usual, they are too big on me, so I might give them to Miss P if they fit.  If not, they will just be extra roomy socks.

 Snowmageddon:  2 snowstorms within a week of each other.  So many folks lost power with the first storm and didn't get it back when the second storm arrived.  We were very lucky.  We had power but a tree crashed and brought with it our Fios line.  So no TV, land line, or internet until yesterday afternoon.  It really wasn't all that bad.  We're just used to constant ability to play on the computers and tablets.  We had over 24" in the second storm.  It's evaporating very very slowly.  Probably be here in July.  Hah.

Clover yoke sweater:  this is the top-down sweater based on the Birkin design, but I used only the leaf design and did my own thing in between.

Quilt:  I decided to make a log cabin block using an HST as the cornerstone.  The photo shows a block as leaning, but it is really straight.

This is what I started with, and then played around with the arrangement.  Here's what it will look like when it's done.

I realized that my seams won't nest together nicely unless I press half the blocks downward rather than up.  So that's what I'm doing with half the blocks.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I've wondered about all my blogging friends in the east - sorry you lost a tree - but so glad you have heat!! that is a lot of snow you have and hope you won't end up with tons more this week - you are right you will be digging out for weeks!! hope it won't heat up too fast though so it doesn't melt so fast that there would be flooding love the socks and sweater - maybe the socks could be washed in hot water and dried on high heat and fit you then? I have done that with some wool socks that my friend from Germany has sent me - they are always too big for my skinny feet and washing and drying helps


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