Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Yarnarian Gets an Award!

Wendy was nice enough to give me this award, and I'm quite tickled to get it. Henya gave me an award way back when, and then I lost it, so that's me. Most disorganized.
So here it is:

So - The rules state that in order to accept this award, I need to list seven of my very favorite things. Then I may pass the award on to seven other bloggers!
My Seven Favorite Things are in no particular order:

1. The Hubbo, that most wondrous man, the Schmutz Meister, my soul mate, that crazy engineer who needs to constantly make "devices", and then inflicts them upon me.

2. All of our children and their spouses and boyfriend.
3. The 5 grandkids, of course!

4. Designing and knitting. Did you have any doubts?

5. Being alone. I love being along. I love being with people, and then coming home and being alone again.

6. Dyeing yarn, natch.

7. The Mommie, the sister, the entire mishpocha (Hebrew for the family). Like all families, they drive you crazy, and that's why you love them so much. Me, of course, I'm perfect and never drive anyone crazy.

Seven other Blogs. Which ones to pick? I have so many favorites. Again, in no particular order, and these change daily.

1. Henya! She resonates with me. What a sense of humor. I have got to meet this lady.

2. Jo! In another life, I might have been Irish. Jewish Irish. Strange and wondrous combination. She is a wonderful and witty writer.

3. Linda! One of my customers/friends. She is one crafty woman, and I want to learn weaving from her. Funny, talented lady!

4. Susan! Life on a small farm. I know nothing about farming, being a city-bred person, so this is a treat for me to read. A great knitter, reconteur, and funny person. I've threatened to move in with her, and I expect to be pampered. In exchange, I will knit and make breakfast. They are trembling with fear that this might actually happen. Mwahahaha!

5. Wendy! And she has music, too.

6. Alison! This is one of the great people of the world. Such kindness and joy in living.

7. KnittyVritti! Intelligent blog, marvelous knitter.

There are lots more. Go look at the blogs I read over on the right.

No knitting or dyeing news, just me skeining, reskeining, charting, frogging, charting again, frogging again, knitting without charting, frogging, knitting without charting again! Ah ha! I found the pattern for a scarf that I like. Mindlessly easy, cuddly, perfect of winter coziness.

KV - Thanks. I love the new yarn also. To the point of wanting to keep it all for myself.


kv said...

Thanks Ruth!! And btw, love the new laceweight yarn.

Linda said...

My goodness. I haven't gotten an award since, oh, my, I can't even remember when. Thank you! off to choose my blogs and figure out faves


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