Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Go, grab a towel.

Why? Because you'll need it when you look at the latest lace yarn and colorways! This is drool city here! The pictures will not do the yarns justice, but then they never do. In real life, there is so much vitality to each colorway. And if you don't buy them, then they are Mine, all Mine! Mwahahahaha!

The new yarn is called Lili Yarn: 100 grams, approx 875 yards, 100% SW merino*, and a slightly heavier lace weight than my usual lace yarns. If you've been reluctant to try lace yarns, this is a great place to begin. There's more heft to Lili Yarn, and yet it still is pretty skinny. I'm knitting up a design on it, very very early stages, and as usual I've frogged it at least 5 times. The yarn looks as good as new, and is so pleasant to work with. I may never go back to lighter lace yarn again!  Price?  $33 a skein of incredible wonderful yarn, hand dyed by me, and in one-of-a-kind colorways. 

*About that superwash merino: I would never wash a shawl in the washing machine, especially one is lace weight yarn. So why even buy sw yarn for dyeing? Because it takes color so quickly and so easily, and I love dyeing it. So it's there for your information, but I never machine wash lace.

So here's the yarn.  Get your towel ready so you don't get your keyboard soggy!  You might want to click on them to get the full effect.  Each colorway consists of at least 2 colors, and  the greens have 3-4 colors in each skein.

In order: Carnation, Pink, Grape Juice, and Wild Orchid.

In order: Sea Spell, Evergreen, and Grass.

In order: Toffee, Rose Bouquet,  and Light Coral.

OK, all yarns are now posted in my Etsy Shop.  Go forth and buy!

Henya - I live to be a wicked enabler!


Henya said...

Too late for my key board.
I want them. I want them all, but espesialy the top four.
They are simply stunning!

Scrabblequeen said...

Of course you were right...but luckily I had a napkin handy. :-)

Loverly....but as Hubs is nearby, I'm gonna hafta behave....for now.


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