Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good Grief!

I've been gone so long I practically forgot how to blog.  I'm fine, just haven't been in the mood for my scribbles.

Knitting news:  All secret.  Yawn for you, but I'm loving it.

Mommie news:  She turned 97 on Nov. 4.  She's in remarkably good shape for such an old lady.  She's very fuzzy until after she eats, and then the brain totally kicks in.

Kiddle news:  Elder DD turned 41, SDD turned 40 and so did her hubs.  The grands had no birthdays.  They are, of course, more fun than you can imagine.

Sewing news:  I've lost my doll-sewing mojo, but I think it might come back.  I pieced a doll quilt for one of the grands and am attempting to hand quilt it with pretty decent results (for me.  not for the rest of the quilting world.)  No pics because it is a gift for someone, and I don't want the little twerp-ette to see it yet.  So, mom of kid, do NOT show her this post.

I started a disappearing 9 patch for another doll quilt and I really hate it.  I'm not going to finish it.  So there.  I think that these little patchwork pieces are much harder than those with larger blocks.  My wonky cutting and sewing shows up much more on them.  Still, I like playing with them.  It's just that this particular project is ugly.  Sometimes ugly happens.

So, today I'm stitching a Dresden Plate made from charm squares, and if I like it, I'll do one a bit smaller for the next doll quilt.  I'm doing it in some batiks I bought from ConnectingThreads.  I'm not fond of them; most are way too muddy for my liking, but they were soooo cheap, and I added them to another order.  Perfect for experimentation, I think.

So that's it.  Boring, no?  And that's why I haven't blogged. 

Thanks all for any comments you've sent since the last post.  No answer 'cause I lost my blogging mojo.  Maybe now it'll come back!

And what's new with all of you?

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Scrabblequeen said...

Glad your lack of bloggage wasn't due to any bad news at your end. Have fun with your secret stuff.


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