Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Would You Believe?

Two posts in two days?   Well, it's kind of hard to post without pictures. 

New bag, yet again:  This one is the next size up from yesterday's little project bag, and it's perfect for holding my lace shawls WIPs.  Can't show you the shawl, of course, 'cause it's yet another mystery shawl.  But you can see its bag.

Here's the lining fabric, which is the same as the ties.  I used the back of this really ugly fabric, and it looks so nice on the wrong side.

Here's the top part of the bag.  I love how you can use 3 different fabrics and get something really cute.

I love making these.  Takes me a couple of hours because I walk down to the dyeing dungeon to press, and that's 2 floors below.  Yep, I do it on purpose.  The sewing becomes a little bit of an aerobic activity.  My knees don't like it, but too bad.  It's good for them to get used.

Here is a pair of socks I made Miss P.  This was out of some ancient Bambi yarn that I had hidden away, and the socks are so cozy and snuggly.  I think she'll like them.

And, if that is not enough, here is Arachne's Delight, now up for sale.

Arachne's Delight was the Oct selection for the Light and Dark Lace Club, and it's been 4 months, and she's ready for the rest of the world.

An intermediate pattern with an adorable Never-Ending Border.


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Another great bag, and that tip about using the backside of an ugly fabric has saved me in the past.

Ruth said...

I learned that hint from a quilter, and it really works when you want subtle and/or light.

manos de chicureo said...

Thank you for your visit and your message to the Janiac´s blog. The cross point also take a lot of time, but it is really very nice.
I like the bag and the fabric too.

Scrabblequeen said...

Do you have a pattern for that project bag? Pretty please. Love the socks, too.

Ruth said...

Scrabblequeen - Here's the URL for the pattern. It is such fun to do.

Ruth said...

manos de chicureo - I know, but I'm so slow at doing a Jane block, that the cross stitch would be relatively quick!

Mary Lee said...

I LOVE your project bag!

The dyeing dungeon. . . LOL! Can you possibly make it sound any worse?!

Ruth said...

Mary Lee - It is truly a dyeing/laundry/junk-storing dungeon. In my basement, which is ugly and icky. But the light is pretty good where I dye, so it works.


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