Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In between cleaning.....

I'm working on the mystery KAL Transitions Shawl, so-called because there are 4 patterns in the body of the shawl and each one transitions into the next one, and then, of course, the Never-ending Border.  Really never-ending, too.  Trust me on that one.  Interested?  You can register for the Light & Dark Lace Club, April edition right in my Etsy shop!

And a bit of sewing:

My first mug rug, slightly wonky 'cause I can't sew a straight line.  I did this as a quilt as you go project.  Tons of fun, too.  And, nope, it's not at an angle; that's the photography.  The strips, however, are somewhat angled.  I love this little guy.  I walk around the house yelling "mug rug" to Hiz Hubz.  He rolls his eyes.

Almost finished is this little doll quilt.  I'm stitching down the binding.  Yep, the blue lines will go away when I finish and run some cold water on the piece.  I hand quilted this, not very well, but good enough.  For the batting, I used Thermore, which is this thin piece of polyester, and the needle just slides through it.  I like the feel of cotton batting more, but I do better work (sort of) on the Thermore.  The pattern is from a book by Evelyn Sloppy.  It kind of looks like sail boats to me.  I really enjoyed doing this one, and I may make it again, in a lap size with red, white, and blue fabrics.  Sometime.

And now I have to get back to work.  I'd rather be knitting, sewing, reading, anything but cleaning.

Oh, and does anyone want a nasty left knee?  The fool thing, which hasn't bothered me in weeks, has now decided to hurt like hell.  Advil, here I come.

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