Friday, July 27, 2012


3 cute projects at their beginnings.  I have startitis.   Now I need to resist starting anything else.  Hah!

1. Crochet blankie for no-one-knows-the-sex baby

I'm using Berocco Vintage for this, and I really like it.  I know, acrylic is in there, but easy care is the order of the day.  Besides, it has a lovely hand and crochets well.

2. Sirdar baby sweater

The silly thing won't lie flat at this stage so I've anchored it with the needles.  I think I'll make a raglan out of it and use an occasional couple of garter stitch rows just to keep down the boredom factor.

3.  Mistake seed stitch rib baby sweater

This is out of some Seacoast yarn I bought before I started dyeing my own fingering wt yarns.  It's a merino/bamboo combination which makes it very soft.  I have about 20 skeins of Bambi yarn (my own merino/bamboo yarn)  which I'll start to dye up for more baby goodies.  This kid is going to get more sweaters than any no-one-knows-the-sex baby has ever received.  The MOJO is back!

Now if I would only finish my cardi for me that I started back in the winter.  Sigh.


Ava Louise said...

I'm with you on the startitis. I have so many starts, it makes one wonder if she will get them all completed.

Ruth said...

And then we get bored, and start yet another project. Bad, isn't it?

Michelle said...

LOL..I'm a new knitter and I am already suffering from startitis...i think I need a cure..good luck.

Ruth said...

Michelle, there are NO cures! Trust me!


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