Monday, August 6, 2012

And the Starry Menace goes on.

It's developed a life of its own.  Every time I add a block, I feel like I'm wrestling with an elephant.  Not that it's heavy; it's as light as a feather, but it's getting large and I have to tame it to stay in place.

I'm longing for a bit of sewing machine lightning speed, but with another grand kid visit coming up, I still can't set up the machine in the guest/sewing room. 

In the meantime, I'm also very busy with baby knitting and crochet to the point where I could use a couple more project bags. 


Vicki said...

gorgeous and I know all about that wrestling and wrangling of fabric, ugh on that. I set my machine up in the dining room and everyone eats in the living room anyway. HA I am such a bad MOM, :). The guest room is where my ironing board and projects are stashed. Not big enough for the sewing machine. Have a great time with the grand kids but sew when you can you sound busy!

Jessica said...

Ruth, this looks awesome!
here's my reply to your comment over at my blog (you were set to no-reply and I couldn't find an email here):

Thank you! I ended up top stitching the epp onto the border, and it worked out really well. the first 2 epp quilts I did I hand appliqued the edge to the border, but it just takes a long time, and this top ended up being really big (finishing at 70" x 86.5"!).

If you have questions along the way on yours, just lmk.


Sarah said...

The Menace is looking good! Maybe you could start another section and then attach it to the "mothership" so as to not have to wrestle so much at one time?

Brenda said...

Simply beautiful

Quilter Kathy said...

It's funny how the coming visitors are forcing you to work on the stars :) I'm really enjoying seeing it grow!

Nina-Marie said...

ohhh I saw the picture and just went ymmmm! The use of the white is amazing!

Judy D in WA said...

Your stars are stunning!
I'd pick grandkids over sewing any day of the week. :) Have a fun visit.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

This is just a wonderful piece - I really enjoy this.

AlexDGT said...

Wow, this looks amazing.

Michelle said...

That's going to be gorgeous when it's done!


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