Friday, August 10, 2012

What's on my needles Friday

Done!  Finished!  Washed, dried and ready to pack away.  Size?  Somewhere around 6 mos, I think.  It doesn't matter; at some point, it will fit a baby.

Did you see that nice collar shaping?  I do this with short rows plus a couple of extra stitches just before the garter border.  No formula, just as I go along.  I've been making sweaters for sooooo long, that I just do my thing.

This little guy has a front started.  The fake side seams are visible.  It'll be a crew neck, maybe with a collar.  I have tons of yarn, so I could do a hood instead.  The little string on the right is where I've taken off sts for the front shaping.

This one shows the back side of the pattern.  I like it so much that I'm going to do the sleeves in it just for a change.  I was going to do the bodice in it, but baby sweaters are so tiny that it hardly makes a difference, so I'll leave it for the sleeves.

Yarn is my Penny sock yarn dyed by me in a lovely turquoise color.

Again, this is raw knitting and looks it.  When it's finished and blocked, there will be an enormous difference.

Next on the needles?  I don't know.  I'm hankering to do a baby sweater side to side.  I haven't done any sweater like this in ages.  I'll use some of my Bambi yarn for it, and I think I'll make it 22" for a size larger.  Now to figure out what colors to dye the yarn.   Such fun, no?


Mary said...

The sweater is adorable, congrats on a great finish.

Ruth said...

I could use a good pattern for a little sweater to be made with MY loverly blue Penny Yarn...suggestions?

Wall-to-wall books said...

That turned out really nice!
I love knitting baby sweaters! I just wish I had grandkids to knit for! Well by the time I have some they will have a ton of sweaters!

Suz Pinner said...

Hi Ruth, lol greedy hey lol
I will do that one for you and may be... the idea just hit me a monthly flower club? Flower pattern a month how's that?
Love the little jacket and your yarns too. Sue x


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