Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Just because I don't have enough EPP (English Paper Piecing) going on, I had to start a new project the other day.  The Starry Menace is resting before I finish up a few more blocks, and Hexified is in process of being appliqued.
So, heaven forbid I should finish up some knitting or crochet; nope, I had to play with paper pieces.

I had all the fixings to make POC (patchwork of the crosses), but the fact is that I really don't like fussy cutting, and I think the prettiest of these are fussy cut.  So I played around with my little elongated hexies and squares and here are some of my ideas:

Those are all kind of like a POC block.  Here's what else I tried:
And how about these:

Nah, they were close, but no cigar.  However, I really liked the middle three ideas, so I decided to go with them, with a little change.  Now they are not bumped up next to each other; there's a 2" square between each little octagon. 

I found some lovely Grunge by Moda in the Blitzen collection, and that's what the octies are resting on.
Each octy is 3.5" with that cute little 1" block in the middle of each one.  Here's what one looks like on the back of my hand.
And, here are 4 of them surrounding that 2" piece of Blitzen Grunge.
And more of the idea.

Are they adorable or what?  The official name of the quilt (at least at this moment) is Octagonny. 


Sarah said...

They *are* adorable! How fun to play with the paper pieces before deciding on a design. I would be afraid of coming up with 10 new designs to try tho :) Have you seen the ferris wheel designs? Search on flicker for photos or I can email you a link. I might as well pull you in to that one too. LOL.

Sarah said...

Ooops - forgot to thank you for joining my hexie linky party!


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