Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We've been Hexified!

Yes, indeed, the hexie blocks are all finished.  Now what remains is to applique them onto their background, sew a color border around each one, and join them together, quilt, bind, etc, etc.

I don't have enough of the Kona white to do a background for all 12 blocks, but I'm a very experienced knitter who knows how to fudge, so - I'll use one of each color for the background, and then do the borders for those blocks in white.  They'll become the corner blocks.  And then we'll call it a "design element".  Hah!

The pics were just taken and the color is not nearly as accurate as if I had taken them in the morning light.  You get what you get, and you don't get upset.  Good kindergarten advice.

So what to EPP next?  I've put myself on a fabric diet, because I have a lot of fabric.  I was talking to the Hubz about designing a fancy hexagon.  He, being an engineer, is all excited about this.  Me, I'd just draw a few with interesting elements, but Hiz Hubz is saying words like accurate and geometry, and other scary things.  Accuracy is his strong point, me, I'm the fudger, so I think he'll win.

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