Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quilt as you go

Remember this?

Here's how it looks today:

This is from the quilt as you go class I'm taking at The City Quilter.  You can see where the blocks are joined.  The top row is not yet done.  I'm doing this little doll quilt just to practice the technique.  It's pretty easy for a "normal" quilter.  I, who can't make a straight 1/4" seam, am fudging merrily away.  The two sets of blocks will get a cross joining of that royal blue Kona.

I'm back to appliqueing the Hexified quilt.  I'd like to finish it before I die.  Hah.  

1 comment:

scrapperjen said...

You are moving right along on these. Great job!


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