Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We are so fortunate!

This was a big old pine tree that drove us nuts with pine tar.  Still, it provided a lot of shade at the top of the driveway, so we tolerated it.  Monday night, around 9:30, it came crashing down, right by our bedroom window.  We were so lucky!  Not only did we survive without any hurt to ourselves, but even the house survived.  yep we'll need a new roof, plus 3 of the attic beams need to be rebuilt, but no windows broken on the house, no power lines taken down, just a large pine mess.

I recently read a blog in which someone felt that the government should not provide aid to those surviving natural disasters.  The writer felt that we should take care of ourselves in terms of putting food and other supplies by.  That's all well and good, but if you could see the devastation that Sandy has caused in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, you would not feel that way.  People have lost everything, and I do mean everything.  Houses, belongings, cars, not to mention lives lost.  Floods where no floods had been before, towns under water, raw sewage, fires, you can't believe it if you have not seen it.  We suffered a tree down, but we're fine, and so is the house.  We have insurance and that'll be OK.  But we are just a tiny pebble in a mountain of misery.  We're very lucky that we don't need help, but thousands do.

I have to say that our local, state and fed governments have been wonderful.  First responders are amazing people.  Utilities from all over the country are here helping us out.  People helping people.  That's what it's all about. 

Scrabblequeen - Thank you for your very kind words.  We are beyond lucky.  That tree really could have killed us or smooshed Shel's car.  Happiness is being alive and well! 


Scrabblequeen said...

So very happy that big tree caused no harm to you and far less damage than it might have to your home. Thanks for letting us know you're okay.

Judy Laquidara said...

If you're talking about my blog, I did not say the government should not be there to help out. I was merely stating that before disaster strikes, everyone should assess their preparations and not be standing in line before the storm hits for essentials and certainly not be out looking for bottled water and batteries after the storm hits. I'm an advocate of personal responsibility and yes, I've lived through the Joplin tornado and several major hurricanes. The government always has a role to play in disasters but anyone relying totally on the government is going to be sorely disappointed and probably hungry and thirsty.

Carol said...

Looking at your first few pictures could have been my yard right after hurricane IKE. Like you we were very very lucky and I am so glad to hear the same for you! I think you hit it on the head, that people saying such things have never been through devastation. Believe me that all of us on the Gulf Coast appreciate it and can't imagine dealing with that and COLD besides! Our prayers are sent along with all of the utility vehicles and workers from our area that went to New Jersey to help get the power restored.

Be careful with your repairs. Unfortunately along with legitimate help there will be those who prey on the victims with promises of repairs that either never happen or are shoddy work that then leave and can't be found.

Bishop Stone said...

Oh my gosh. how luck are you guys. I am so happy no one was hurt.

Kathaleeny said...

oh my goodness. You were very lucky. That's a killer tree. Best wishes to you from Louisiana.

Lakisha Autin said...

“We were so lucky! Not only did we survive without any hurt to ourselves, but even the house survived.” Thank goodness that there were no casualties in your family. And I do feel for the other families who were greatly affected by the typhoon. I believe kind-hearted and capable citizens will help them get through this phase. Anyway, the repair of your roof needs to be made as soon as possible, so as not to worsen the damage and prevent it from affecting the inside structure of your home.

Lakisha Autin

Sarah said...

I am such a bad friend - I went off blogging for a while and didn't think to check on you. I'm so sorry but now glad to hear you are ok and your house and yard sustained minor damage. I've been thru a couple hurricanes and they are no fun.


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