Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Challenge

A faithful and wonderful reader wondered why no picture of Baby Ben and his big sister.  I surely don't want to disappoint her, so here it is.  Taken about 3.5 weeks ago, so he's bigger.  She's still the same.  10.5 year olds don't change weekly.  ;-)

She schleps him around like he's a little bundle, and he is.  It's fun to watch the family at dinner time if he's awake and fretting.  It's called "Pass the Baby."


Sarah said...

Gorgeous! I was, however, thinking of someone a bit younger and wondering how she was schlepping BB all over the house...

Lori said...

Pass the baby, who's done eating, the stand and jiggle while you eat, pass him to grandma because she can't eat when he's fussing anyway....!!!

Soon he's going to be sitting at the table in his high chair DEMANDING what everyone else is eating. No baby food, I want THAT as they point and holler and bang on the highchair. DD described her one year old as a "cave man". They grunt, holler, bang on things, gobble down what you give them.


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