Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Garland Redux

Here she is, my Garland Shawl redone in this amazing new yarn I'm testing out.  I've been gushing over this yarn and it's all true!  THE best singles yarn around.  Forget the commercial stuff, this is THE best.  Too bad I can't take credit for having spun it, it's that good.

As I mentioned yesterday, I knit this shawl originally in a colorway that suited some of my clothing.  But it's a weird colorway, and  the pattern never sold very much.  I had wanted to redo it for some time, but there were always new ideas to play with.  So, along comes this singles yarn, and I thought:  "This is perfect to try out with the shawl.  It'll show up garter stitch, a bit of stockinette and lace."  And so here is the result.  (Notice that I am not modelling any of these pics.  It's kind of hard for me to take pics of myself.  And the Hubz tends to cut off heads, shoulders, whatever.)

This is how I wear my little shawls, all snugged up around my neck.  Cozy, you can see the fabric from the back, and you get this cute look from the front. 

 Want to make it yourself?  Go on, it's easy and fun and requires only a 400 yard skein of fingering or sock yarn.

Garland Shawl


Sarah said...

Very Very pretty - and it's purple!!!

Wall-to-wall books said...

Oooo thats so pretty! I love that color! I have yet to try one of your shawls. someday...


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