Sunday, September 15, 2013

Finished Scrappy Trip

Rachel's Scrappy Trip Around the World is finished.  It's just a little jobbie, a lap quilt.  I tied it because I wanted to try that, and it was so easy and quick.  If she changes her mind and wants it hand quilted, I can do that before she washes the quilt.  But she really likes the ties and is not fond of quilted quilts, so I think it will stay as it is.

I used 3 different skeins of embroidery floss, and just made it.  Cut the length of floss I wanted, stripped it, put it back together and then tied.  I have 3 extra skeins of the floss should we ever want more.

The question is whether the cats will attack the little ties.  Cats being cats, who knows?

Thanks to Bonnie Hunter and her fabulous instructions!  This was such fun to do, and very easy.  I opted not to do a border.  I'm not into borders at the moment. My favorite part?  All of it. 

Whoever knew just how much fun making quilts could be?  I've loved quilts from when I was a teenager, but there is no quilting history in my family.  The women all sewed, but only clothing.  So I'm the pathfinder here.  And I got the courage to start from when Miss P, at age 8, brought me a quilt she had made.  I figured that if an 8 year old could do it, so could I!  Thanks, Miss P!


Podunkpretties said...

I love it too! Great fabrics! I've been putting off making one of these but now I've made up my mind! Its a must do!

Sarah said...

Looks fabulous! I am supposed to be demo-ing these blocks at a shop hop in a few weeks - I better get some more made...

Threeundertwo said...

It turned out great! I love the colors. I think these look so nice without a border. You're inspiring me to make one too.

Candace said...

Yummy colors!

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