Wednesday, September 18, 2013


It's 50 deg outside, and 64 in the house, and I'm not going to put the heat on!  Brrrr.  I'm freezing.  But I'm not putting the heat on.  Every year I try not to rev it up until Oct. 15.  I've never made it yet, but I try.

Hard to believe that only a few weeks ago I was roasting.  Now I'm freezing.



Wall-to-wall books said...

It was 35 here yesterday morning!
It is only getting up into the 60s now, so sad. I do like fall but I always hate summer to end.

Can't remember if I told you about my new knitting blog? - said...

We're back to being hot - was 90 yesterday! Yuck. And I was so enjoying the cooler weather. Maybe by the weekend it'll cool down.

Henya said...

Come and visit! Perfect weather here, in Israel!


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