Monday, December 23, 2013

Finished batik strings!

I finished this back in November, but what with all the weird computer and camera problems, never got to post it.  So, here it is:  A batik string quilt.

I couldn't get the color to come out right.  So, somewhere between the bright blue pics and the orange ones is the real color.  And I can't take more pics because it's now happily residing in Minnesota.

I had such fun with this!  String quilts are my favorite quilts to make:  no fuss, I get to pick out tons of colors, arrange as I go along.  The bias edges make it easy to match up, sort of.  Matching points is not my forte, but picking out colors and mishmashing it all together is easy to do.

I'm working on another quilt right now, but the morning light is pretty crummy at the moment, so no pics.  And, I'm thinking of doing a Jacob's Ladder next.  Oh, my.  Points to match.  Eh, if they do, they do.  The fun is putting it all together.


krayolakris said...

Beautiful! Congratulations!

Linda W said...

This is really beautiful. You have really become quite a quilter!


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