Monday, January 13, 2014

Sock Madness Forever

Are you on Ravelry?  Are you a sock knitter?  Are you participating in this year's Sock Madness Forever craziness?

It's beginning!  All that crazy, hilarious fun the takes place during March Madness.  This is one of THE best forums on Ravelry.  The nicest people, the funniest comments.  No drama!  Just wild and wonderful sock patterns and people knitting their little fingers off to see who can win this madness.  The Norwegians and the Dutch seem to be the fastest, but we Americans and Canadians can hold our own.

I cannot do it.  My very cranky wrists won't allow that kind of speed knitting.  I did try, but was afraid I would injure myself, and that crazy I'm not.  Close, but not there.  So, I hang out in the treehouse and wave my pompoms and cheer.  That's as much fun as the zippy knitting.

AND, I dye yarn.  For the last few years, I've been dyeing 3 colorways for the group.  I offer a terrific price for the yarn, and keep shipping as low as possible.  First Class Shipping is very affordable, so if you take my price and add in the shipping, you will still get a price comparable or often less than a retail store.

BUT, you have to be a member of SM Forever to get that price. 

Here are this year's colorways.  The mods have picked two flowers, Columbine and Scilla, and I've done a combo for variegated yarn lovers.  The yarn is, of course, Penny yarn.  450+ yards, 75/25 superwash merino/nylon, glorious yarn to knit with.  Machine wash if you will; I hang my socks to dry.

In order:  Columbine, Scilla, and Bouquet.

Interested?  Go join Ravelry, if you are not already a member.  Join the Sock Madness Forever Forum.  Decide on what you want, and you can order more than one skein of course.  Visit my Etsy shop, and buy whatever you wish.

There are a lot of other sock and lace yarns on sale, so have a good time.

SM8 yarns are dyed to order, so that I don't end up with too many of one colorway and too few of another.  Please relax and know that you won't be getting your yarn immediately since I have to dye up.  I've been doing this for a few years and have my routine established, and it works out very well.

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