Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's in my frame Wednesday

After many years of not embroidering, I'm back doing it.  Alas the eyes are not what the eyes were.  Now I need magnification and light.  I'm due for an eye exam in a couple of months so I'll ask the eye doc about new glasses just for stitching. 

28 count linen, which is now as fine as I can go, but it's fine.

I started this maybe 8-9 years ago?  I'm retired over 7 years, and I know I started this well before I retired.

What got me started again was my rummaging through a closet.  i was cleaning out that closet and there at the bottom, each in its own pillow case, were about 8 stitching projects.  So last week I hauled them out and decided to work on this one.

Second row:  Yes, it is not even, but I've got a ladybug charm to go there.

I skipped a row because I didn't like it. But since you don't know the row, it doesn't matter.

Last row:  There is some back stitching going on in the flowers.  I just haven't gotten to it yet.

I forgot just how much I loved embroidery, especially anything counted.  I love anything that involves graph paper (knitting charts and I love each other), and counted thread is all charted.

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