Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What's in my frame Wednesday

Pretty piece.  Not the greatest instructions, however.

Yep, I can read that chart.  I've done this stitching a gazillion times.  OK, the last time was about 15 years ago, but it's in my blood, my memory and my fingers.

So what's the problem? 

First row is OK, I think.  Second row is my mistake.  The instructions clearly state that there is one thread between each of the ladybugs.  But take a look at the 5th row.  It doesn't end where it should, and if I do another repeat, it will then be too long.  If you look at the cover, which is hard to see here, you will notice one thread between each of the repeats in that 5th row.  But that is only visible in the bright colorway, not in the pastel one, and I'm doing pastel colors.  Nowhere does it say to do this. 

Now I'm on the 6th row, but I just discovered that single thread.  Sigh.  I'm not ripping it out.   So, I shall have to put a little charm (it came with 2 charms) to the right of the 5th row to make it come out somewhat even.  The sixth row I'll do also from the right and then compensate with the middle repeat.  Piffle.  Not that it's such a big deal, only that I wish the instructions had mentioned the single thread.  Sigh.

I did skip the row with Bug Collector on it because I didn't like it, and will probably skip the ant row, too.  Or not.  I really haven't done any stitching in many years, and have to get my head around it again.  Plus, and it's a big plus, I now need extra light and magnification, which I didn't need way back when.  Still, I am enjoying the motion and the slowness of the embroidery.  So I'll finish this and just chalk it up to general wonkiness.

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