Monday, October 27, 2014

Design floor Monday

I'm happily machine quilting this cutie quilt for my friend, Judy.  She wanted a quilt with blues and yellows, and I had a flimsy already finished.  I didn't quilt it up because hand quilting hurts my hands if done properly, and if I do a normal running stitch, it still hurts me to hold all that fabric, plus it takes forever.  So I kept putting it off. 
And then I bought Sophie. Sophie with needle down.  As a knitter, I know that the right tools make the job so much easier, and this lovely Pfaff was worth every penny just because of needle down.  That little feature makes machine quilting easy.  You stop, the needle goes down.  The fabric doesn't wander away, you can pivot without losing your place.  Oh my, oh really my!  I've been driving the Hubz and DD crazy with my talking about it.  

So far, with only 17 blocks quilted, I have to say that it doesn't come easily to me, but then, nothing with sewing is easy for me.  Hand embroidery is easy, but a machine is another matter.  It doesn't help that I started with gentle curves that start and end within a square.  Had I been sensible, I would have done straight line quilting.  But why would I be sensible when I can struggle?  It is getting much easier and faster.  Clearly I have a learning curve here, and maybe that's the best part.  It's good to struggle with something new.  Good for the grey matter and for the soul.  And now I'm busy planning the next quilting.  Maybe I'll just practice stitch in the ditch!  I did get a foot just for that.
What I need to learn and/or practice on:  figuring out a way to get the fabric to slide easier.  I want it to glide.  And probably getting some quilting gloves to aid in moving that baby around.  I don't seem to have much trouble with all that fabric, just getting it to move easier.


Judy D in WA said...

Stop stressing! Your curves look great. Your friend is going to be thrilled that you are quilting for her and she isn't going to look for imperfections. You are doing fabulous! You'll be binding in no time!

straythreads said...

It looks wonderful!! I think straight line quilting is harder than curved because if it is off it really looks off, curves with some exaggeration fit right in. and relaxing helps
keep practicing

Kate said...

Your quilting looks great!

Sarah said...

I can't live without the needle down or knee lift that my Bernina came with. I've borrowed other people's machines for a quick demo and **really** miss them then!!

Does your machine sit down in the table? For me that removes a lot of drag. If yours sits on the table then I would find as big an extention table as you can get for your machine.


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