Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I love batiks!  When I look at them, my mouth starts to salivate and I can actually taste them.  Weird, but that's how I react to color, and batiks are all about color. 

So, I'm thinking of a half log cabin block.  Possible arrangement is a ladder, but who knows?  I have to sew them first.

At first I was going to combine purples with the green/blue/turqs fabrics, but changed my mind.  So of course, I'll then have to do a purple quilt.  This is so addictive.


Terri said...

Hi Sis - I guess we are long lost twins... same thing happens to me when I'm in the batik section of the LQS. You have a yummy bunch chosen there... but how could you miss. They are batik.
Please keep us in the loop on this one. I can see a beauty coming soon.

Sarah said...

Hold on, I have to wipe the saliva off my keyboard. LOL. Gorgeous fabrics but as a purple gal I'm looking forward to the next one even more!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Blue is my major weakness. If crack was blue, I'd probably be addicted! That's going to be a beautiful quilt.


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