Monday, December 8, 2014

Design floor Monday

Building my log cabins

This is where I started from.  I did add some more lights.  I always need more lights.  I think I should concentrate on buying them.  I'm always drawn to mediums, both in knitting and quilting, and darks are not hard to add.  It's finding the right light fabrics that's difficult. 

So now you get the picture.  These are half log cabins. They'll get 2 more lights and 2 more darks.  I think they'll end up as 10" squares.


Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

I am the exact same way!! Always need more lights!! Totally drawn to the mediums and darks :) This is especially true for me with batiks.

Your blocks are looking great! Your fabric pull is beautiful!

Marly said...

I love your fabric selection; batiks are always my favourite, although I have rarely used them. I have the same problem with light fabrics. Somehow my eye always gets caught by the darker, more vivid shades. I have to learn to look for pale.

Christine Feldstein said...

Wow fabulous fabrics! I am eager to see the progress of your Log Cabin.

Ramona said...

You are using my favorite colors! It is going to be gorgeous!!

Sylvia said...

Love Log cabins, love your color choice, I predict a fabulous quilt!


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