Monday, February 9, 2015

A quilt for Rose

Last summer, Rose, our third grandkid, picked out some lovely fabrics to match her newly painted room.  I finally finished it and crinkled it last week.  It's just waiting to go to her house.

She brought along paint chips when she visited, so we matched up that pretty green very easily.  She liked a selection of my roses and pinks, so I was all set.  The strips are all different widths, adding to the wonkiness. For me it's all about the color, and that's what this quilt shows. She hasn't seen the quilt yet, but her mom says that she will love it.

So now 2 out of the 6 grands has a quilt.  Benjamin has his I Spy quilt.  What do you think a 14 year old kid would want?  He's so not interested.  But then I didn't think he would be.  That leaves me with a 9 year old boy and an almost 6 year old girl. 


Nann said...

What a lovely combination: the colors and the varied prints. The string block is so versatile!

Judy D in WA said...

This is a gorgeous quilt. She is going to be thrilled! I think the 14 year old will love anything you do for him. He might not be interested in choosing fabric but he will love the quilt.

Ramona said...

Beautiful quilt! The colors are so soft and soothing. I agree with Judy... If grandma makes it, he will like it.

Bonnie said...

Those pinks and greens really speak to me. I like it too. Maybe the 14 yr old can be enticed by fabric that shows his favorite subjects? A dog quilt? Space quilt? a favorite sport or team? I made one young man a rag quilt that he liked quite a bit. Good luck.

Mary-Kay Colman said...

My oldest son wasn't interested in quilts but I made him a gorgeous flannel rag quilt in blacks and browns and he loves it. He has taken it with him all over the country and still uses it today. I used all quilting flannel which was a little pricey but well worth the money.


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