Monday, December 17, 2018

Kids knits

The latest sweaters (and a pair of socks) for the little kid, who will turn 6 at the end of the month. 

A close-up of the slip-stitch pattern:

This blue sweater was knitted in my usual fashion:  bottom up in the round, with the shoulders joined by knitting them off together.  Sleeves picked up from the armhole and worked down, also in the round.  I have to say that I much prefer working with stranded knitting than with slip stitches, but it is an interesting technique and the stripes have a texture to them that stranded knitting would not do.

This is a top-down yoke sweater, which may not fit him well.  We shall see.  The sleeves may be too long.  If it's too big, he'll grow and maybe use it later this season.  If it doesn't work at all, then his mom can donate to a charity. I love making yoke sweaters, but the fit confounds me (and I've made a lot of yoke sweaters).  Without him here to try on, it may not work at all.  Still, it was fun and I love stranded knitting.

And a pair of socks for him.  Again, I'm making them without trying on, so who knows if they will fit.

And finally, a sweater for me that I finished just before Thanksgiving. 

I've been on a cable binge, and this was the 3rd one I made.  Loved every minute of it.

Since July, I've made 7 sweaters, the ones not shown were not photographed.  I'm now taking a week or two off from them and knitting shawls.  Sweaters are very fast knits for me, but lace shawls take time and go slowly, and my hands need slow work.

Quilting?  What's that?  Do I remember how to sew? 

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