Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The beginning of a Sock Madness sock

There she is:  a toe and 5 repeats.  72 sts on a foot that normally uses 56 sts.  I think it will be big on me.  We'll see.  In order to tighten it up, I'm using 2mm needles with their nasty pointy points that dig holes in my fingertips.  There's no way I can ever get 9 sts/inch with a larger needle.

It's pleasant to knit.  I'm not going quickly at all.  I don't mind getting knocked out on this round.  We're going from 30 places to 20, and for me to make that 20, I'd have to start zooming.  Not happening.  So, if I make it, I make it.  If not, that's OK too. 

I'm on a great team!  Many of my team mates have won in the past, and are now relaxed about it all.  Smart knitters with great attitudes. 

And now I have to get back to the socks.  Maybe I'll just make it.


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