Monday, August 30, 2010

I think I'm back.

Benji Yarn!

It's been a busy summer, what with visiting family in MN, have 2 separate grandchild visits, attempting to run a little business. OK, my attempts at that business were pretty minuscule, but hey, it was very hot, I had to catch up on life after grands' visits, and that's my story.

Friday was The Kid's last day of his visit, and the Hubbo had to go to work, so we hung out all day. I did the never-ending laundry, baked some bread, and finally did some good dyeing. He played endless games on the computer, watched tons of TV, and never did get dressed. In short, it was a wonderful day to hang out.

I dyed up some Benji yarn. Benji is skinny fingering weight yarn, 100% SW merino with over 470 yards of yarny goodness. It looks fluffy and fat. NOT! It's rather skinny, even skinnier than Penny yarn, but when it's all dyed up in the skein, it looks big and poofy. The minute you start knitting with it, it gets back to where it lives as a 3-ply fingering yarn. The yardage gives it a lot of yarn for the buck and it's perfect for shawlettes, scarves, and even socks. There's no nylon in it, so if you destroy your socks, this is not the yarn to use.

So here are some of the yarns I did. More either tomorrow or Wed.

Dream Garden and Deep Spice:

Lazy Day and Got the Blues:

Soft Cranberry:

You want before I post on Etsy? email me at fritzl234 AT yahoo DOT com.

Don't forget to sign up for the Magic Carpet Ride Sock Club. YarnYenta and I are doing a club again. All info is here:

And the end of September is the end of the Tikvah Shawl donation program. You buy the pattern, I donate all profit to NAMI!

Sharon - The first one is based on an embroidery floss thread that I own. The second one has lots going on, but then I overdyed it all with that wonderful reddish brown that I love, and all those colors kind of came together.


Sharon said...

I adore Deep Spice and Dream Garden. Beautiful.

Henya said...

I love the new yarns! Just looking at them made my fingers itch.


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