Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh, dear!

This morning I decided to go through my knitting and crochet book collection. Oh, dear, what have I gotten myself in for? So far, I've checked out 8 books and one magazine, and can't toss any of them. Each one seems to contain at least one project that I need to knit! Or ideas for projects that I want to play with! What's a woman to do? This is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm too embarrassed to count up just how many books and mags I own. Suffice it to say that I have way, way too many.

So, here's my solution: I'm going to bookmark one book/mag at the beginning of each month. Work on a project and then move on to the next one. Right. Sure. The world's most disorganized human being is organizing her knitting. I don't dare call it a New Year's Resolution because that's the kiss of death. I never keep any resolutions. Why bother to make them when I'm setting myself up for failure.

Feel free to call me on this. Sit on my head; yell at me; call me bad names; force me at needle point to actually do this.

Here's the first book: Schreier, Iris - Reversible knits

There's a cute little scarf called Dangerously Chic, and it's a sawtooth scarf. I have a bunch of Knit Picks Palette yarn, totally irresistible because it's pretty, cheap and in lovely colors. 

Here's the deal: If I hate knitting it, or it looks ugly, I reserve the right to frog it and go on to the next project.

Do you think I can actually carry out this plan? Snort. Laugh. Giggle. Snort some more. But at least it's a plan.

In the meantime, I'm accomplishing nothing whatsoever in getting rid of books. They are all so tempting. The trouble is that I can't resist buying them. I've gotten much better; I now reserve at the library and check them out first. Just about all of those books I do not buy. The problem is with the ones that I do buy. Sigh.

So what are you planning to do with all your yarn/books/magazines in the coming year?

Yarn news:  I've put every single yarn in the Etsy shop on sale.  I'm tired of looking at them.  That's it.  Get 'em out of my house.  I love each one, but I have way too much of my own stash.  So, each one is a couple of bucks off.  You get a good deal, I make room and a little bit of profit (to buy more knitting books!), and that's not half bad!  http://fritzl.etsy.com

Kitten With a Whiplash - I have no more room for shelves, bookcases or anything else.  It's an epidemic of books, yarn, and the Hubbo's garage sale treasures.  HELP!

CarolynJean - I've decided it's a benign disease!

Scrabblequeen - I saw that.  It's a great colorway.  And now I have room for more yarn.  uh huh. 

KV - You know me far too well! 

Henya - Oh, do I ever hear you!  How can we part with books that have lived with us so long?   


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I crocheted sporadically for over 30 years and have less than a dozen books and magazines, plus about 3 dozen pattern sheets from various places.

I started knitting about 4 years ago. I have over 100 magazines including a couple Vogue Knitting issues from 1960 and 62. A similar number of booklets from Bernat, Spinnerin, Pingouin and others, mostly from the 50s through 80s, and over 75 books, the two oldest from the 30s. As you may have guessed, these are mostly Thrift Shop purchases.

I may not have the most up-to-date collection, but I love the fashion sense of those bygone days. Well, that and the photos are a real hoot sometimes.

What do I plan to do in the coming year? Probably double the pile and buy more shelves.

CarolynJean said...

You are not alone!

I was just sitting in my studio this morning looking at my wall of craft books that cover beading, crochet, knitting (largest section), sewing and weaving. And then there are all the craft magazines that cover the same topics. And the tubs of yarn and fabric. And the cabinets full of beads and semi-precious stones. And let's not even mention all the pdf files on my computer. I have been getting digital copies of a number of the magazines, but that just means I can actually shelve the ones that were stacked on the floor. Plus I know that I am already over-committed on my knitting for next year.

But I don't care. Crafting makes me happy and keeps me sane. And I have a well-paying day job that lets me indulge my crafting desires and a husband who doesn't mind the projects scattered around the living room.

I do try to keep more-or-less organized and I have been semi-diligent about putting projects in my queue but I have decided that guilt and too much discipline just don't belong in a happy crafting universe.

For the new year I will continue my efforts at organizing my crafting collection and I would really love to get my yarn stash organized by weight, type and color.

Carolyn (KnittingAmazon)

Scrabblequeen said...

Oh you evil woman, you! I HAD to buy the Dracula's Blood for an RAL/KAL on the Frankensocks group. As to books...I got 4 new knitting books for Christmas. That must mean 4 older books are leaving here, right? Right...

Henya said...

You know I am going through the same thing. I am getting ready to pack, so I started looking through my books. I do not dare to tackle the magazines. I have a bookcase worth of fiber books, another bookcase with cookbooks and a third dedicated to my lactation and health books. Then there are 5 or 6 shelves of Judaica, and a few shelves of fiction... No wonder we have to get a huge container for our things.

kv said...

I'm giving you til February....Happy New Year!


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