Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Light & Dark Lace Club!

Ta Da!  It's here!  My very exciting news!  The Light & Dark Lace Club is now open for registration!  And oh, am I excited.

Come join along with me and Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden as we take you on a journey of lace inspired by our love for light and dark colourways. Each project will include both a pattern as well as a yarn and the kits will be offered on a bi-monthly basis by either me or Roxanne.

Each bi-monthly kit will include both a pattern (designed by me) and a lovely yarn in either a light or dark colourway dyed by either me or Roxanne. I like to take a walk on the light side while Roxanne likes to walk on the dark side. Patterns will include such projects as shawls, shawlettes and scarves which will be revealed bi-monthly. Until then, it's a surprise!

Included in this month's kit is the following:
1 Pattern (exclusive to the L&D Club for 4 months)
1 Yarn
Each pattern will be revealed in portions as you KAL with each kit. Watch for prizes for those who finish the KAL - we love it when you finish one our projects! The pattern will be emailed to you and you can discuss them and the club in our new Ravelry group.  Need help with the patterns?  You can message me on Ravelry or ask in the group.  Thanks go to my wonderful test knitter, MaryAnn

Cost?  Determined by each of us for our individual shipments.  We use different yarns and different dyeing methods, and that determines the cost.  What's nice about all of this is that there is no large up-front payment.  You decide each time if you want to join.  Roxanne mails from Canada and I mail from the US, and we both do international shipping, so you lovely folks across various Ponds can order too.

We have been talking for a long time about doing something together.  Roxanne is a master dyer, especially of deep and dark colors (or colours as you Canadians spell), and I'm known as the Pastel Queen.  We compliment each other in our methods.

This month's yarn is Benji yarn, 450+ yards of 3 ply superwash merino, soft and wonderful and very very easy to knit lace patterns with. The 4 colors are turquoise, pussy willow, green leaf, and light orchid. They are all almost-solids.  Please tell me the color you want when you sign up, and I'll dye it for you.

The cost for the kit this month is $26 + shipping.  $3 shipping to the US and Canada, and $5 shipping to Europe.  If you are from parts elsewhere, ask me and I'll tell you the cost.  I ship First Class to all locations, which keeps the cost way down.  Like you, I hate to pay for shipping, so I do it as reasonably as possible.

You can buy directly from me:  fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com
or go through Etsy:

Questions?  Ask and I'll answer!  Roxanne and I are so revved about this.  She's a lovely lady and I'm so honored to work with her.

kv - It has indeed!  I feel quite blessed.  Happy Chanukah to you and yours!  

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kv said...

wow! that is exciting. a lot has happened in three years, eh ( as those canadians say). happy chanukah!


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